I will make an instrument for you at your request

n_harfaHarp – with its crystal tones it will make you calm when you imagine burbling rivers of pure nature.

kinnorLyre – you will travel through times as far as to the ancient times or to the biblical kings.

n_chrottaChrotta – when listening to chrotta melody, you will be transferred to the deep woods of the Celtic bards.

n_kvinternaQuinterna – thanks to this instrument you will sound like an ancient troubadour.

fidula_m2Fiddle – the sound of fiddle reminds the whirl of medieval banquets.

zaltar_m2Psaltery – it will bring you to the world of chants in cathedrals.

loutna_m2Lute – it reminds itinerant singers and their courteous melodies.

  • Construction is solely handmade, each instrument is original.
  • You yourself can define a specific type of an instrument including its components, colour or possible carvings.

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