About the musical instrument maker

pm_nI like to retrieve the old times to myself and to the others by making historical musical instruments. I have been pursuing this activity since 1986. I focus on the construction of string instruments from the periods of antiquity, medieval times, renaissance and baroque. I make the instruments mostly from my own plans received from various picture and text sources of the periods mentioned above.

For its construction I use mainly spruce, maple, ash and walnut tree, and I can also use other wood. For finishing the surface I most often use resin varnish on the basis of alcohol or I use shellac. The production is solely handmade, each musical instrument is original. The musical instruments can be both simple and richly carved or inlaid.

It is a matter of course that I make musical instruments on the basis of a request – according to customers´ requirements. You yourself can define the final form of a musical instrument in advance. Let me know your ideas and I will be pleased to comply with your wishes.

> Define your request <

Musical instruments, which you can order here, will play for your own joy as well as for the pleasure of your listeners.

– I am looking forward to hearing from you „in the good old times“ –

Pavel Josef Macků

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