Lyre is an ancient musical instrument used in the Mediterranean in the period of antiquity.
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Models for you:


1. Kinnor – traditional Jewish musical instrument from the period of king David (3 000 years old type of an instrument)

You can use it for – music of the Near and Middle East, medieval music folk, …
Number of strings – 10
Tuning – d, e, f, G sharp, a, h, c1, d1, e1, f1 (harmonic a minor, other tuning is possible)
Length – 83 cm
Width – 40 cm
Material – maple, ash, cedar, shellac
Options according to your requirements – colour, surface finishing, carvings, …

Price – 300 € (plus postage)

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(This instrument has rich and also subtle tone with long reverberation time.
It has a very specific tone colour typical specially for Jewish melodies.)

– Video demonstration –

(In the picture there is an orange for comparison of the instrument size)

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